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Neptunes Caves

The caves of Neptune are a must for anyone staying in the area of Alghero. The caves are karst formations and are located about 24 km from Alghero, in the area of Capo Caccia. The mouth of the cave was discovered by a fisherman in the 700’s and immediately became a destination for many visitors. Access to the "natural" opening of the caves is by sea, for which there are ferry services leaving from the port of Alghero.
The cave can also be reached by land by way of a long stairway that winds down the cliff face like a goat trail, and this is where the stairway gets its name from in the Catalan dialect: Escala Cabirol. The work, completed in 1959, consists of 654 steps, which are quite a challenge, especially on the way back (uphill).

In the cave you will find the 120m long Marmora lake. Further into the cave you can see some impressive columns formed by the union of stalactites and stalagmites, which seem to support the cave roof some reaching a majestic 20 meters in height. Continuing the visit you will reach the organ chamber, so called because of the presence of a stalagmite that resembles a pipe organ.

Neptune Caves

You can enter the Caves through their natural entrance: the sea, with a ferry that leaves from Alghero harbour or by land: going down a long staircase.