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Archaeological Area

Civilization in the territory of Alghero began in the Neolithic period (about 3000 BC). The most important remains of this period is the Anghelu Ruju  Necropolis, situated in the I Pianu area, and is the largest necropolis in Sardinia. The discovery was made by chance in 1903 during the construction of a country house, whose owner was called precisely Angelo Ruju. The necropolis consists of two groups of underground burial structures called Domus de Janas (fairy houses).

The Nuraghe Palmavera complex is an important testimony to the nuragic civilization. This civilization was began and developed only in Sardinia in a span of time ranging from 1700 BC to the second century BC. Its name derives from the Nuraghe, the stone towers whose function is not yet fully clear. They are considered the largest prehistoric megalithic monuments in Europe and there are about 7000 on the island. The Palmavera Nuraghe is classified as a complex nuragic structure consisting of several towers, built at different times and joined together.

Another important nuragic site in the territory of Alghero is the Sant'Imbenia complex. The nuraghe is in excellent condition, but the importance of this site lies mainly in the remains of the village built around the main structure, which revealed important information on the relationship between the nuragic population and peoples from the eastern lands, at the beginning of  the Iron Age.

Nuragic Complex of Palmavera

The Palmaverasite is considered a Nuragic Complexbecause it is made up of several towers built in different ages but joined together.