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The Bay of Porto Conte is one of the largest and most spectacular natural harbours in the Mediterranean. The coast is formed by small coves, caves partially submerged by the sea, cliffs and the long sandy beach of Mugoni. The sea beds of the bay, which is Marine Protected Area, are an oasis for fish populations, especially for certain rare species of fish. From here you can quickly reach areas of Capo Caccia and Punta Giglio, considered among the most important in the Mediterranean for their many caves.

Not far away is the most popular of the Sardinian caves: Grotta di Nettuno. The cave complex winds hundreds of meters back into the cliffs, along which you can admire numerous conformations of limestone stalactites and stalagmites, and a salt lake about 120 meters long. Access to the cave is possible both by sea and by descending the long and picturesque stairs called Escala Cabirol, designed by Antonio Simon Mossa, the same architect at Hotel El Faro.

About 12 km away is the Sardinian tourist resort par excellence: Alghero. This beautiful town of origin (and culture) Catalan is visited every year by thousands of tourists who love it not only for the animated summer nights, but also quite simply for the beauty of the old town, (almost unchanged over the centuries) and the long promenade.

There are so many excursions starting from the Hotel El Faro. A must is a walk through Punta Giglio Mount Rudedu nature reserve, with its Mediterranean vegetation, or the Noah's Ark nature reserve on Mount Timidone to watch the sunset over the sea and the Piana island. Asinara island, or the river town of Bosa with its Malaspina castle. Finally, not to be missed for those visiting Sardinia, nuragic archaeological site, not far from the hotel is the Sant'Imbenia archaeological area.

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