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Often, when you want to attract attention to a hotel, it is described as "an oasis of peace and tranquillity." We at Sardinia Lovers can assure that, when it comes to El Faro Hotel, this is not a simple slogan. Even the ancient Romans, visiting the bay where the hotel is located was fascinated by the natural beauty, and gave it the name of Portus Nimpharum (Port of nymphs).

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Why choose El Faro Hotel?

el faro hotel IN SARDinia ****

Porto Conte 52, 07041 Alghero (Sassari), Sardinia
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Why choose El Faro Hotel? Because this fascinating property (one of the first seaside hotels in North Sardinia) has a unique position overlooking the sea. It is located in the charming bay of Porto Conte, nearby Capo Caccia and Punta Giglio, renowed for their naturalistic relevance. El Faro hotel offers an elegant and exclusive atmosphere, and also an excellent restaurant. A few minutes drive from here it’s Alghero, probably the most beautiful tourist town in Sardinia.

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The Bay of Porto Conte is one of the largest and most spectacular natural harbours in the Mediterranean.
The coast is formed by small coves, caves partially submerged by the sea, cliffs and the long sandy beach of Mugoni. The sea beds of the bay, which is Marine Protected Area, are an oasis for fish populations, especially for certain rare species of fish.

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